Bob Lazar Story, The - Self-Loathing Joe

Kev Rowland, Bob Lazar Story, The - Self-Loathing Joe

Released in 2015, Matt said this EP “sounds like two small bands having a fight on some stairs.”. I guess one of those bands plays acoustic guitars, while the other is into harder rock, and somehow they have to share a drummer. And they all like Zappa, and Fripp, and jazz, and being able to make musical sense out of intricate melodies where nothing should gel, but does. Somewhere along the line Chris and Matt managed to misplace Mike, so they were down to a duo. There are even quite a few “vocals” here, but they are mostly spoken word so it doesn’t detract too much from the instrumental insanity that is going on for the rest of the piece. One of the songs is nearly nine minutes long, but another is only sixteen seconds, with the seven songs getting just past the twenty-minute mark.

All their albums/EPs stretch musical boundaries without ever seeming to do so, as this music is just so easy to listen to, yet shouldn’t be. I was playing this at work the other day, and I was asked what on earth it was as it was so compelling. When I told him that they were a local band (I now work in the city these guys are from) he was amazed and immediately went off to find out more. Which is exactly what you should be doing right now. Music as adventurous and wonderful as this needs full support. They have signed to Bad Elephant for their next album, which should be out in a few months’ time. Until then get over to Bandcamp and listen to some music that will blow your mind.  

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