Eyesberg - Masquerade

Kev Rowland, Eyesberg - Masquerade

Towards the end of 2016 Eyesberg returned with their second album, this time comprising all new songs. There was no use of a drum machine this time, as they managed to secure the talents of Spock’s Beard drummer Jimmy Keegan, and this has had a major impact on the music. No longer are the drums just there to keep the beat and provide backbone, this time they have become very much an essential part of the overall sound as Jimmy drives the guys along – he never has been one to be content with just playing the beat, he knows when not to play, and when to force proceedings. No longer are the band performing as if they were around more than thirty-five years ago (although they were), now it is more of that time being an influence on what they are doing, which is far harder and heavier than last time around.

The debut would be best described as retro prog, but this one is much further into neo prog territory, with a more abrasive edge; they have lost the innocence of the debut and are far angrier. The two albums are quite different in some respects, and very similar in others, with Malcolm’s vocals playing a key part in bringing them together, along with Hackett Genesis influences still obvious in this one, although more diluted than in the debut. Of the two I prefer the debut, just, but they are both worthy of discovery.


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