Wolvenguard - Elemental Reclamation

Kev Rowland, Wolvenguard - Elemental Reclamation

This three-track, thirteen-minute-long release is the debut offering from Texas-based Wolvenguard, but the guys involved aren’t exactly new to the scene. Between them they have been in various other prominent Texas bands, including symphonic black metal kings Vesperian Sorrow, death/thrash savages Cerebral Desecration and morose doom lords In Oblivion, but here they are playing a form of music they describe as Archaic Blackened Metal. Singer Jake Wayman has a wonderful gruff approach, while bassist Ethan Wissmann has a far more melodic approach – reminiscent in some ways of the approach undertaken by Betraying The Martyrs. It will be interesting to see what happens with Wolvenguard as these three songs show promise, and I can see them being picked up for a debut album. For fans of Immortal and Bathory.


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