Cold Stares, The - Head Bent

Kev Rowland, Cold Stares, The - Head Bent

Forged in 2008 and named in honour of The Black Crowes song "Stare It Cold," vocalist/guitarist/etc.-ist Chris Tapp and drummer/percussionist Brian Mullins united with the sole intent to jam. They have been building a reputation on the live circuit, and have finally managed to release their debut album, and the only question is why on earth did it take so long? This is classic Seventies Americana with soul, blues, and filthy guitar sounds that makes one want to keep turning this up louder. This is what music is supposed to be about, with a singer baring his soul and leaving nothing behind.

They remind me of Taste, of Free, of Creedence, Black Crowes, early Aerosmith and so many more, all put together in a package where the listener can only listen in awe to the slabs of music coming out of the speakers. It is rough, it is raucous, but there is also sensitivity in what they are doing, and the light combines with the shade (of which there is plenty, as Brian can easily hit doom-laden fuzzed-out riffs) so that both are emphasized. This is real music, not created in a studio by faceless “musicians” and studio trickery, but from two guys who have been blasting this on the road, and will continue to do so. I love it.

MLWZ album na 15-lecie