Warner Drive - Till The Wheels Fall Off

Kev Rowland, Warner Drive - Till The Wheels Fall Off

This is the fourth studio album from Hollywood band Warner Drive, and marks their first label release after three independents. It took me a while to work this out, as while the Bowling For Soup and Sum 412 influences were obvious, it took me ages to put my finger on the other main sound, and it wasn’t until I nearly finished playing this for the first time that it hit me, it was The Levellers! Okay, so didgeridoo or violin, but somehow these guys have brought a commercial punk element to the Brighton sound to create something that is quite special. There is a depth to this melodic punk that is far richer and deeper than one normally expects, yet still maintaining great hooks. It is crossing into melodic rock territory, yet still with that depth and breadth of style that one would expect from the writers of “One Way”, not from a band that hails from California.

This is infectious music, and the more I have played this album the more I have enjoyed it. It has everything that one wants from melodic punk, but is way more grown up with real presence. This is for someone who used to enjoy bubble-gum punk but has grown up and wants something more serious, just not too much. This is an album guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any listener.


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