Bloody Hammers - The Horrific Case Of Bloody Hammers

Kev Rowland, Bloody Hammers - The Horrific Case Of Bloody Hammers

Bloody Hammers is a duo, comprising Anders Manga (vocals, guitar, bass) and his wife Devallia (keyboards, organ). I must confess that I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I saw the album cover, but I know that it wasn’t anything as commercial as what I am currently listening to. In some ways, it is reminiscent of Type O Negative, yet more melodic, but with plenty of fuzzed and distorted guitars, which sometimes get confused as to where they are and get involved with Hammer House of Horror instead. Anders has a wonderful baritone/bass vocal, and sings in a way so that every word can be clearly distinguished, and goes from a gentle delivery to one that is far more forceful with ease.

There are hints of Incubus Succubus as well, and the result is an EP (six songs, twenty-six minutes long) that is well worth investigating. It is gothic, it is melodic, it is dramatic, and most of all is downright enjoyable to listen to.

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