Laces Out - Laces Out

Kev Rowland, Laces Out - Laces Out

Hailing from Orange County, New York, Laces Out features members of Warwick-based post-punk quintet Pigeon, as well as acts Mandark, Veneer, and others. Drummer Steve Delucia and guitarist/singer Ed Ciarfella have been playing together in various projects for nearly fourteen years: long-time friend and local scene veteran Ray Wasnieski (bass) joined the duo in Pigeon, and has followed them into Laces Out. There is plenty of dynamics and angular progression in the sound and they have been influenced by the likes of Fugazi, Unwound, At The Drive In, Jesus Lizard, Drive Like Jehu, and Nirvana. They set themselves the task of writing five songs, and then recording them in the order in which they were written, which is certainly different, but it fits in with the staccato aggressive art rock style of music. This is music with sharp edges, and this twenty-one minute long EP captures the listener from start to end.

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