He Whose Ox Is Gored - Paralyzer

Kev Rowland, He Whose Ox Is Gored - Paralyzer

OK, I confess, the only reason I’m even writing about this single is because I love the name of the band. Produced by the legendary Jack Endino (Soundgarden, Nirvana, L7, High On Fire, Zeke etc.), this Seattle-based sludge unit have created a muddy wall of sound that is certainly intriguing. Only the lead song is previously unreleased, with the other two previously available on another EP, but both have been remixed for this single. The quartet includes a keyboard player, which allows them to provide different dynamics, but overall this isn’t something that I can imagine many people wanting to investigate. Great band name though! It is possible to stream this though Bandcamp if you are intrigued enough: https://hewhoseoxisgored.bandcamp.com  

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