Warbeast - Enter The Arena

Kev Rowland, Warbeast - Enter The Arena

When one realises that this record label is being run by Philip H. Anselmo, then one must pay close attention to any release that is coming out on it. Warbeast have been going for some ten years now, but this will probably be the last album to feature singer Bruce Corbitt (ex-Rigor Mortis) as he has been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer — a treatable though rarely curable disease – facing the likelihood that he will never be able to sing again. For the CD release party, vocal duties were handled by Anselmo himself, along with Edwin Neal (Texas Chain Saw Massacre), and Wayne Abney of Hammer Witch.

The three founder members, Corbitt, guitarist Scott Shelby Gammacide) and drummer Joey Gonzalez (Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals and Superjoint) have been joined by guitarist Drew Shoup and bassist Lyric Ferchaud, and the energy of “The Youngbloods” (as Corbitt calls them) combined with the power and ferocity of the old ‘uns has created a thrash record to be taken very seriously indeed. This isn’t about trying to retroactively trying to copy a style of music, as these guys were heavily involved with the Texas thrash scene at the time, and consequently have come up with something that is mature with a solid bottom end, not too dissimilar in many ways to the mighty Testament.

I wish Bruce Corbitt all the very best - he has now started radiation treatments – and there has been a page set up to raise funds to pay for the medical bills here. The album is solid, powerful and all that one could wish for from a thrash act, so let’s hope it is the success it deserves to be.


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