Dingler, Jeff - In Transit

Kev Rowland, Dingler, Jeff - In Transit

‘In Transit’ is the latest album by bassist Jeff Dingler, inspired by his time in Ethiopia (he is professor of bass, music theory and composition at Makene Yesus University in Addis Ababa). He has attempted to combine influences from that country with background in jazz in New York. The first thing that one notices with this album is just how much it feels like a band as opposed to a bass-led project. Jeff rarely takes centre stage himself, as he is more than happy for guitarist Brad Shepik or pianist Lou Rainone to lead the way (the line-up is completed with drummer Gusten Rudolph and percussionist Josh Bailey). This is the perfect jazz album for summer, laid back yet still full of emotion and expression, creating a world that I found I could happily drift into and let the rest of reality just slip away.

It is delicate and soothing, taking the listener on a journey that is reflective yet always with direction and feeling. There are times when notes tumble over each other, but instead of doing another take the band have left them in, showing that this is real music created in a moment as opposed to something plastic. Overall, I found this to be incredibly moving, an album to which I will often be returning, of that I am quite sure.


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