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Powrót metalowego projektu A.A. Lucassena

Artur Chachlowski, Powrót metalowego projektu A.A. Lucassena

Metalowy pojekt holenderskiego muzyka Arjena Anthony'ego Lucassena, Star One, powraca. 18 lutego 2022r. nakładem wytwórni InsideOut Records ukaże się album zatytułowany "Revel In Time". 

Na jego program złożą się następujące kompozycje:

1. Fate of Man
2. 28 Days (Till The End Of Time)
3. Prescient
4. Back From The Past
5. Revel In Time
6. The Year Of ’41
7. Bridge Of Life
8. Today Is Yesterday
9. A Hand On The Clock
10. Beyond the Edge Of It All
11. Lost Children of the Universe
CD 2 features the same songs as CD 1, but with different vocalists 


Arjen Lucassen  (Ayreon, The Gentle Storm, Stream of Passion, Ambeon, Guilt Machine) - guitars, bass, keyboards


Brittney Slayes (Unleash the Archers) - vocals (1)
Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple) - vocals (6)
Floor Jansen (Nightwish, After Forever) - vocals (9)
Roy Khan (Kamelot) - vocals (11)
Marcela Bovio (Elfonia, The Gentle Storm, Stream of Passion, MaYaN) - backing vocals, vocals (2-1)
Irene Jansen - backing vocals, vocals (2-9)
Tony Martin (Black Sabbath) - vocals (2-11)
Mike Andersson - vocals
Joost van den Broek (After Forever) - Hammond
Lisa Bella Donna - Moog (8)
Ed Warby - drums
Erik van Ittersum - Solina Strings
Steve Vai - guitar solo (11)
Timo Somers (Delain) - guitar solo (2)
Michael Romeo (Symphony X) - guitar solo (1)
Ron Bumblefoot Thal (Sons of Apollo, Guns ‘n Roses) - guitar solo (4)
Hellscore Choir
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