Betontod - 1000x Live

Kev Rowland, Betontod - 1000x Live

This German quintet are showing absolutely no sign at all of slowing down, and guitarist Frank Vohwinkel wouldn’t have it any other way: “The mainstream will never like us because we’re different! We’re different than all the other acts that are played every day. We aren’t smooth, we have rough edges… and it’s good the way it is!” What we have here is punk combined with metal, in a way that appears to both sides, and for a band that thrives in the live environment it is easy to see why with a crowd that are totally behind the band, singing the words for them.

This was their thousandth concert, an achievement for any band, and it was also their largest as a headline (although they have played Wacken a few times) and the crowd were with them from the moment they walked on stage until they left an hour and a half later. There is a palpable energy and connection between those on the stage and the people in front of it, and they were all there for a celebration. The band thrive and have locked in and do what they do so well, provide high octane singalong metal punk (all sung in German). I have no idea what they are singing about, but as everyone is having such a great time I am as well! The music is totally honest, and instantly enjoyable, and will leave any listener with a smile on their face.

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