Taylor, Robin - Deutsche Schule! (English version)

Kev Rowland,

ImageThis album was inspired by Krautrock of the Seventies, especially bands like Can and Faust, and here Robin has been joined only by Karsten and drummer Rasmus Grosell. All of the song titles are in German to add to the fun, and the result is an album that manages to definitely bring in the Krautrock feel yet for the most part doesn’t recreate the carnage of a live Can performance (for example) – something which does somewhat surprise me given the way that Taylor’s Free Universe approaches music. In fact, “Eisenbahn mit Sauerkraut” is quite pedestrian with only Karsten providing some levity. However, I am quite aware that I haven’t played a great deal of the genre (in fact I am only recently being educated in this regard), and I think that my general lack of enjoyment of this CD is down more to my own personal likes and dislikes as opposed to any issues with the music on offer.

Looking through the net this release generally gains high praise so all I can suggest is that if the bands mentioned interest you then listen to some samples to make up your own mind.  


MLWZ album na 15-lecie