Taylor's Universe - Return To Whatever (English version)

Kev Rowland,

ImageRobin’s first release of 2009 saw a new version of Taylor’s Universe, with no sign of Karsten Vogel and the use of many of the participants of his Art Cinema project including the return of Michael Denner (King Diamond/ Mercyful Fate). The other musicians on this project are Flemming Muus Tranberg (basses), Carsten Sindvald (saxophones), Klaus Thrane (drums), Louise Nipper (voice), Pierre Tassone (violin) and Tine Lilholt (flute, harp) Also, this CD has been released on the Russian Mals label instead of Robin’s own, and is a superb digipak. But what of the music? This is easily one of Robin’s finest moments, directing the musicians around him to bring together controlled chaos, melody and dischord, note density and space – often in the same few bars of a song.

This is music for the music lover, whether it be jazz or progressive, with elements of Metal and avante-garde so that the whole is a discovery, a journey if you will. There are times when the brass just soars, at others it is more restrained, while at the heart of it all Robin provides simple yet poignant keyboards. Essential.


MLWZ album na 15-lecie