Moraz, Patrick - Resonance (English version)

Kev Rowland

Image‘Resonance’ was originally released in 2000, and shows a totally different side to Patrick from his 70’s solo albums. This is an hour of Patrick on piano playing classical music of his own composition, nothing more and nothing less. Is it any good? Well, to be honest I don’t listen to much classical piano these days and all I can say is that it is very well played with a lot of finesse and feeling. It isn’t something that is going to necessarily appeal to progheads unless they also enjoy listening to the classical form, so in many ways Patrick has probably moved away from his prime audience – which seems strange in that on the cover there is a smaller version of the symbol from ‘The Story Of I’ as if he is reminding people of what else he has achieved in the past.   

I played the album a few times so that I would be able to comment on it, but having done so I doubt if it is something to which I will often be returning – not through any faults in production (which is superb) or musical ability (which is also superb), but rather that this isn’t a type of music that I generally listen to. Definitely aimed at the classical market as opposed to the one with which he is more readily associated.

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