Moraz, Patrick - Esp (English version)

Kev Rowland

ImageIn 2003 Patrick released the follow-up to ‘Resonance’, and again it is an album of classical music performed solely by Patrick on piano, and again the symbol from ‘The Story Of I’ makes an appearance on the cover. For some reason Patrick has dropped his first name from this release, which at the time of writing in 2010 is still his most recent. Even to my rather jaded ears I find this a more harmonious and interesting release to its’ predecessor, possibly because it has been broken into sonatas, preludes and etudes and from my days playing the piano (a very long time ago) I recognise these styles. That being said, these days if I listen to classical music it tends to be from people such as Steve Hackett, but there is something about this album that has led to me to return to it more often that I would have imagined.

It is gentle, harmonious and pleasant, so will probably be of interest to many listeners but if you are a proghead looking for bombast then this not the place to find it.  

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