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Roberts, Kane - Saints & Sinners

Kev Rowland,

ImageKane’s second album came out in 1991, and although he is fully clothed on the cover of this one he does manage exude a feeling that he fancies himself a great deal... Just from looking at the cover one would be able to guess the age of this album, and this is very much of its’ time. In many ways this sounds as if Kane has taken 90’s Kiss and Bon Jovi (plus Alice Cooper) and has created a hybrid that is so good that one has to wonder why it didn’t get the plaudits it deserved? Some of these songs were written with Desmond Child, so they contain plenty of hooks and are AOR-friendly so what happened? It is great when reissue labels like Yesterrock uncover gems like this as if I had heard this back then I know that it would have got a great deal of play, and albums like this deserve to be heard even if it is 20 years on.

As it is, my musical tastes have changed somewhat and while I can appreciate this, it isn’t the sort of thing that I would play repeatedly (but I hardly ever listen to Bon Jovi now either). But, if you enjoy this sort of music then you really do need to grab hold of this because it is one of the finest albums that I have heard from this genre. “Does Anybody Ever Fall In Love Anymore” is a straight up rock classic. This reissue also has four additional songs that were not available originally – for more information go to www.yesterrock.com.

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