Rudely Interrupted - interview

Artur Chachlowski, Rudely Interrupted - interview

Artur ChachlowskI: Can you guys tell us a little about yourselves?

Rohan Brookes (Guitars) - 11 Years together, 5 studio record released, 14 international tours, top 20 hit in Luxembourg, and now we are finally coming to Poland to rock out with you guys and gals. We don’t dig the inspirational titles around disability, we see it as ‘inspirational porn, we concentrate on our music and musicianship, that’s why we’re here and keep playing around the world. We are lucky, but we work really hard, really hard.

ACh: When and how did the band begin?

RB - We started in 2006, it grew pretty quick, but we were a little crap back then, took us a few years to get the skills to a professional level, but it’s been well worth the effort we all made and the work ethic we all built to get here. I met Rory through his father, music producer, I was a drummer in a previous band. We had some success in the US and Australia and met a lot of music producers. I kinda met Josh and Sam at an old disability service and we started to rock, we were crap, but that was 11 years ago, these guys can really play now and we are just getting started, when people see Rudely Interrupted their jaws drop. You certainly don’t expect these guys to launch into a full blown, harmonious rock delivered togetherness. But we do, and it surprises the pants of people, we LOVE it!

ACh: Are you excited about the European tour?

RB - Oh hell yeah! I do so much of the crappy business side of things, but I do it so we can all go and be musicians, and play as much as possible in different countries, oh yeah, we are EXCITED! We’ve got an awesome new set, new record, available now, so if the 42,000 people who’ve liked our stuff buy our record, we’ll book our next few tours now!

ACh: We understand you're appearing at a few showcases in Germany. Can you tell us a little more about this please?

RB - Its part of an international collaboration between Germany and Australia, Arts Access Australia are bringing a few artists to Berlin to showcase the talents of Australian artists to European audiences, it’s a mammoth job, and we can’t wait to play in Berlin, Podewil Oct 16th about 7pm by memory. It’s a great venue and no doubt it’ll be a great show.

ACh: How did you become involved with the Australian Arts Council?

RB - We’re really proud of this, and we are lucky in Australia, over the years we’ve had a lot of great opportunities afforded to us through the Arts Council. Unfortunately we don’t always win these grants, they’re very well sort after and we compete with our professional peers. If our work isn’t strong enough or the tour I put together doesn’t meet the current opportunities our peers create or have we like many get passed over. We keep working on our art, on our music and songs and we let that be our focus, because in the end, that’s all we really have.

ACh: Have you played in Gdansk before?

RB - No, never in Poland, we are so excited to come and play the festival ‘Świat Mało Znany’. Details will be at, we’ve chatted online with festival organisers and it sounds so cool, everyone has been super nice to us and really helpful, we can’t wait, October 27th we’re playing I think. AMAZING!!

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