Gridfailure - Scathed

Kev Rowland, Gridfailure - Scathed

This is music that breaks the very boundaries of the definition, as what we have here is experimental noise. Since its early 2016 conception, Gridfailure has now released three albums, a collaborative album with Megalophobe, a split with Never Presence Forever, an EP, a compilation track, and other singles. The plans for the rest of the year and early next are more albums, and plans to hit the road in the Summer. This is hostile, with off-kilter percussion, unhinged keyboard and synth attacks, carcinogenic bass/guitar tones, white noise, treated and indecipherable vocals, and apparently also Theremin, didgeridoo, xylophone, harmonica, as well as some field recordings. This isn’t meant to be comfortable listening, and it isn’t, but it is also quite compelling. David Brenner has created a monster with this album, and I don’t think it’s very friendly. It can be downloaded free from their Bandcamp site, from where it is also possible to purchase it as a CD. Not for those of a weak disposition.

MLWZ album na 15-lecie