Stanley, Lyn - The Moonlight Sessions Volume One

Kev Rowland, Stanley, Lyn - The Moonlight Sessions Volume One

Lyn released her debut in 2011, and soon discovered that her laid-back sultry jazz style was perfect for the audiophile market, and since then she has concentrated on that area, selling more high quality vinyl albums than she has CDs. Her album ‘Potions’, was released as a vinyl album, SACD stereo hybrid (for Blu Ray and CD players), as a 180-gram double-45 vinyl, a reel-to-reel tape, and on as downloads. Really covering the gamut. As for the music itself, this is gentle breathy jazz from the golden age that very much places the singer at the forefront. There is no straining or fast tempo here, it is all gentle and meandering as the music takes it course. To go from extreme music to this in one listening session is quite a shock to the senses!

There isn’t a staccato note to be found, as the accompanists are just that, there to provide the perfect backdrop to this gentle style of music. To be fully appreciated it should be played on headphones, as the sound is just glorious, warm and vibrant, total clarity but never harsh. The highlight for me is her version of Willie Nelson’s “Crazy”, which has more in common with Patsy Cline’s version than the original, but here Lyn has taken a standard and made it very much her own.

MLWZ album na 15-lecie