Bugenhagen - Bu:gen'heigen

Kev Rowland, Bugenhagen - Bu:gen'heigen

This is the debut mini album from Cumbria-based progressive/melodic rock band Bugenhagen. Fronted by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist John Turpin, the trio (the line-up is completed by Paul Fligg on drums and bassist Daneo Duran) initially came together as a Pink Floyd tribute act, but began to work original material into their set, here represented on this thirty-minute CD. The PR company likens their music to Pink Floyd and David Gilmour along with echoes of No Man/Tim Bowness, Muse and Hogarth-era Marillion, but for me one of the main standouts has to be Mr So & So. As soon as I started playing opener “Without You By My Side”, I could see where the band was coming from, and it reminded me that the So & So’s need to get a new album out!

These guys crossover the progressive and melodic rock genres, bringing in pop sensibilities that could also seeing them being likened to It Bites and possibly Porcupine Tree. It is mostly a laid-back affair, with my biggest criticism in that it is too damn short and I would have liked to have heard a much fuller version. In many ways, it does remind me of the early Nineties progressive scene, and I can see this being picked up by those into either the crossover or neo-prog sub genres. John’s vocals are often the highlight, although he does also have a deft touch on keyboards and his Gilmour-style guitar noodlings are also interesting, while the rhythm section keeps it all nicely pinned down. Overall, this is worth further investigation and it will be interesting to see where the band goes from here.


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