Desecrate - XII, The Death

Kev Rowland,

ImageDesecrate is an Italian melodic death metal band from Genoa, who originally came together in 1995. Over the next few years they played plenty of gigs, released demoes and a full album but eventually broke up in 2001. Fast forward to February 2010 and a new line-up was put together Gabry Giorgi, Paolo Serboli, Francesco Scavo, Matteo Campora, Davide Piredda, Alessio Reale. What makes these guys stand out from the rest of the death metal crowd is the use of piano, which here is much more of a key component of the sound as opposed to just being a bolt-on as with many keyboards within this genre. There are times when this works incredibly well, and others where it just sounds strange to be honest. There is no doubt that Matteo is a fine pianist and the band need to be congratulated on trying to do something which to me is quite different and not something I have come across before. It is stretching the boundaries of the genre, which is always good, but there is still some work to be undertaken on the arrangements.

The piano is an important part of their sound, but it needs to genuinely fit with the song as opposed to being out in for effect and there is a feel of that at some points. Certainly for me it has highlighted the complexity of this type of music and I would imagine that the musical score for what he is doing would be incredibly complex, whereas many people (including my wife it has to be said) feel that this is just a noise with no musical element whatsoever. One to listen to before purchase.

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