Preston, Erwin - The Pasian

Kev Rowland,

ImageAccording to the press release, these guys are channelling The Hellacopters, but they’re missing what is going on here as this band is the closest to The Undertones I have ever come across. Sure they are a little more rocky in places, and they have a female lead singer, but come across more as John Peel’s favourites than anything else. It is more than just the vocals, it is the whole punky pop riffing guitars and jangly edges – this is just one of those albums where it is just not possible to listen to it without a smile on your face the whole time. I’m really not sure about the cover shot, but the band are proudly advertising on their website that there is a naked man on the front of their CD so maybe it is a Finnish sense of humour. Apparently the band’s name is generated from a failed attempt at googling The King, and I would have thought that his name would be the same in any language but maybe not.

With a song called “Sigourney Weaver” and with “Scrap Metal” referencing Steve McQueen this really is a solid slab of fun.

MLWZ album na 15-lecie