Wastes - Into The Realms Of Human Vacuity

Kev Rowland, Wastes - Into The Realms Of Human Vacuity

Born after a drunken night in southern France, Wastes is a project led by Laurent (Mourning Dawn, Inborn Suffering, Funeralium) playing extreme doom metal in its heaviest way. Inspired by filth, scum and everything dirty-related, the project aims to bring the darkest and most painful music its’ creator could produce. Composed during wasted moments, Wastes gained interest in the European doom metal scene, which is how David (Sordide, Year of no light), Kostas (Pantheist), Nadine (Ashtar), Fred and Julien (Ataraxie, Funeralium) joined the project to make it real. Debut Album ‘Into the Void of Human Vacuity’ finally took form as a 45 min long unique song, divided into seven parts.

This is doom played at its very slowest, bringing together elements of ambient black metal and New Age into something powerful and at times quite shocking. The vocals are so low that it is impossible to make out any words, but the screams in the background undoubtedly are from those suffering in torment. Each time I play this it makes me think of a journey through dungeons in medieval times, seeing multiple visions that make me think of hell on earth. This is bleak and terrifying, with a sense of continuity that is both depraved and brilliant all at the same time. This is not music for the fainthearted, nor something that should be played on a bright summers day. This is music that belongs to the night, when there are no stars.


MLWZ album na 15-lecie