Threshold - For The Journey

Kev Rowland, Threshold - For The Journey

2014 saw Threshold return with their tenth studio album, their second since Damian Wilson had returned on vocals for the third time. The previous album, 2012’s ‘March of Progress’ had been one of the finest in their canon, so perhaps it isn’t surprising that this one isn’t quite in the same league. The songs are powerful, the vocals spot on, but there isn’t quite the same spark and vitality as there had been previously. It is still a great album, and one that is head and shoulders above most of those dwelling the progressive metal arena, but I did find myself wondering if all was well within the camp.

I don’t believe that Threshold could ever release a bad album, or even an average one, as they are just too good for that both collectively and individually, but I realised that although I was enjoying it immensely while it was playing, I wasn’t overly keen about pressing repeat when it finished, which says a great deal for me. Were the band just marking time waiting for the next stage? Only time would tell.

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