Across The Atlantic - Works Of Progress

Kev Rowland, Across The Atlantic - Works Of Progress

Since San Antonio based pop-punk/post- hardcore hybrid Across The Atlantic started at the beginning of 2013 they have kept up a furious work ethic that has seen them play live wherever they can, as well as recording and releasing an EP and an album, and now having signed to Sharptone Records they are back with their second. They specialise in high-octane, energetic-yet-emotional blend of alternative rock, pop-punk and post-hardcore. Vocals could be melodic, or they can be rough and coarse, and they move between songs that are quite poppy to those that have a great deal of aggression. In some ways, it does feel that the guys are still searching for their own identity and musical direction, so until then they will mix it up and see what happens.

Personally, the whole album is too lightweight for me, as the impression is that they are playing at something as opposed to being the real deal, something that has been created according to a plan, not organically. I am sure that this is going to create a lot of noise in certain places, but to me this music just seems false with little or no depth behind it.  

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