Ellington, Marc - Restoration

Kev Rowland, Ellington, Marc - Restoration

Back in the early Seventies it wasn’t unusual for an act to release more than one album in a year, and that is the case with Marc’s fourth album, which was also released in 1972 (at least I think it was – according to different sources it was either 1972 or 1973, but I’m going with Terry Hounsome on this one). This album included well over twenty musicians, with Fairport members Jerry Donahue, Simon Nicol and Dave Mattacks all involved, along with well-known session men such as Zoot Money and Barry D’Souza. As with the previous album, this is incredibly enjoyable the first time it is played, but there is more of a rock element to this one. The country stylings are still there with steel guitar and banjo, but there is the impression that he has been playing attention to what has been coming out of America. That it is an album of its time is not in doubt, yet is still something that can be played and enjoyed the very first time of hearing.

Marc is a strong songwriter, with a very melodic voice that he rarely stretches as he knows what works for him. “Try” stands out in many ways just because it has far more energy and enthusiasm than the rest of the album, and somehow Marc manages to ensure that the album does sound like a band than a group of session men. In many ways, this is another lost gem from the period: remastered and issued in a digipak.


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