Black Mare - Death Magick Mother

Kev Rowland, Black Mare - Death Magick Mother

This is the second full-length offering from the solo project of Sera Timms (Ides of the Gemini, ex-Black Math Horseman). Although it is her ethereal vocals that provide the highlights of the album, musically there is a great deal of repeated riffing within a post rock setting that creates a world where the vocals are a relief, cutting through the repetition in a manner that is almost angelic, and certainly owes a great deal to Kate Bush. In many ways, this is quite a hard album to listen to, as the music feels quite harsh, simplistic, and at odds with the vocal melodies. It is obviously quite deliberate, and is quite unsettling and un-nerving. Two worlds are being brought together, and it isn’t always an enjoyable experience, yet it is also quite compelling. Not for the fainthearted,

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