Playlista 2023.07.19

Artur Chachlowski

New albums of Karnataka, The Might Bard, The Book Of Revelations and Ring Van Mobius 

1. ELOY Warning Signs 6:30  "Echoes From The Past"  2023 
2. KARNATAKA All Around The World  11:25  "Requiem For A Dream"  2023 
3. KARNATAKA Requiem For A Dream  25:10 "Requiem For A Dream"  2023 
4. THE MIGHTY BARD Beyond The Gate  3:30  "Beyond The Gate"  2023 
5. THE MIGHTY BARD Secret Garden  12:30  "Beyond The Gate"  2023 
6. THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS Love Letter From A Newspaper To A Coffee Cup  3:00 "The Plumes Of Enceladus" 2023 
7. THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS The Chthonic DeitiesOf Vengeance  18:40  "The Plumes Of Enceladus" 2023 
8. GREYFOX AGENDA I Become You  3:55  "One With The Sound"  2023 
9. FLAMING BESS Now I Regret  4:15  "Wrinkle Of Time"  2023 
10. RING VAN MOBIUS The 3rd Chapter: Moments And Movements 3:20  "Comissioned Works Pt. II - Six Drops Of Poison"  2023 
11. RING VAN MOBIUS The 10th Chapter: Paradoxal Fate 5:10  "Comissioned Works Pt. II - Six Drops Of Poison"  2023 
12. RING VAN MOBIUS The 11th Chapter: The Nine 3:25  "Comissioned Works Pt. II - Six Drops Of Poison"  2023 
13. RING VAN MOBIUS The 12th Chapter: The Conclusion  5:40  "Comissioned Works Pt. II - Six Drops Of Poison"  2023 


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