Disen Gage - The Reverse May Be True

Kev Rowland, Disen Gage - The Reverse May Be True

Following on from my review of their 2016 album ‘Snapshots’, which was their fourth full release, guitarist Konstantin Mochalov kindly sent me their third which was released as long ago as 2008. As with their later album, musically this is all over the place, with influences from King Crimson being taken as a starting point and then moving rapidly into extremes. It is an album that is hard to describe, just because there is so much going on. That there are melodies, counter melodies, counter counter melodies, and s psychic understanding from each player as to what is happening next is a given. It’s just from there on that it gets complex. Somehow, they manage to bring some Russian Cossack-style themes into “Landing”, which allows the listener to recognise where they are from, but apart from that there is little to let anyone know that they are Russian.

Highly complex and complicate, the music interweaves amongst itself, twisting and turning like a meandering river, at times just babbling gently but at others it is in full spate changing the musical flow into rapids of noise and intricacy. As with their most recent album, I find myself rapidly falling in love with the very strange and different world of Disen Gage, and I am sure that there are many other progheads out there who will feel the same way. There are some amazing bands coming out of Russia, and Disen Gage are at the vanguard. For more details visit https://disengage.bandcamp.com

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