Exit Eden - Rhapsodies In Black

Kev Rowland, Exit Eden - Rhapsodies In Black

The concept behind this project is a simple one, take four singers (Amanda Somerville, Clementine Develay-Thieux, Marina La Torraca and Anna Brunner) and then have them perform an album of covers, all of which have been given the symphonic metal treatment. For me the burning question in my mind while playing this, was “Why”? That the nameless group of musicians have provided interesting arrangements is never in doubt, and that all four singers are incredibly talented is also a given, but I just don’t get it. I was never a massive fan of Bryan Adams’ “Heaven” when it was first released, and this seems even more twee and sickly than the original. As for “Total Eclipse”, all they have done here is amplified the Gothic element somewhat, and again can’t see why they have even bothered attempting it. By the time I got to the last song on this eleven-track album, a rather strange attempt of “Fade To Grey” (yes, the song by Visage), I was relieved it was all over.

I am sure that there is a market for this somewhere, but to me this is a pointless album, and not one to which I will be returning.


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