Rings Of Saturn - Ultu Ulla

Kev Rowland, Rings Of Saturn - Ultu Ulla

Arriving back on the scene with their fourth full length studio album ‘Ultu Ulla’ (apparently, it translates from ancient Sumerian Cuneiform to mean “Time Immemorial”, so now you know), Bay Area technical death core band Rings Of Saturn signed last year with Nuclear Blast and this is their debut for the label. This self-dictated ‘Alien death core’ band present an entirely new and esoteric proposition to heavy metal. Terrorizing earthlings with their intense measures of technicality is something they revel in, pushing boundaries, they have mastered a rare form of self-control as they continue to shred, break down, and scream their way through modern music. Always looking for new ways to expand upon their current sound, they present a level of technical precision which is rare to see in modern death core.

Currently, their line-up includes founding member Lucas Mann on guitar, newbie Miles Dimitri Baker on guitar, Aaron Stechauner on drums, and vocalist Ian Bearer. The result of this combination is something that is incredibly powerful, and almost impossible to describe. They showcase funky rhythm and skull crushing breakdowns that are so powerful they drag you to the ground while still lending the feeling of speeding through a math equation. That the guitars are shredding over the top in a manner like Death on steroids is never in doubt, but somehow the music always maintains a sense of continuity and melody when it has no right to do so. There is even a classical guitar interlude! In many ways, this is a stunning album and if you haven’t come across them before then you need to do your ears a favour and discover them now, if not sooner.

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