Russkaja - Kosmopoliturbo

Kev Rowland, Russkaja - Kosmopoliturbo

Russkaja describe themselves as “Russian Turbo Polka From Vienna”, and this is the fifth album since their debut back in 2008. I’ve seen them marked as ska punk, gypsy folk and folk metal and they are all these things, with touches of electronica, reggae and Russian folk along the way. The line-up is as eclectic as the music styles would suggest, and comprise Georgij Makazaria (Vocals), Mario Stübler (Drums), Dimitrij Miller (Bass), Engel Mayr (Guitar), HG Gutternigg (Potete, Trombone, Tenor Horn, Tuba), Rainer Gutternigg (Trumpet, Flugelhorn) and Mia Nova (Violin).

Now, I listen to a lot of folk music, and recently travelled to the other side of the world just to attend a folk-rock festival, but I can’t take this seriously at all. I think it’s because a polka always amuses me, and I never think of it as a proper musical form, so to hear an album that is a mix of polka, East European folk, ska and some metal just makes me think that someone, somewhere, is taking the piss. And given that this this their fifth album the joke must be on us. That they are very good at what they do is never in doubt, but even though I have played this album far more than I should have in the vain attempt of trying to like it, I just can’t warm to this at all.

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