Siiilk - Endless Mystery

Kev Rowland, Siiilk - Endless Mystery

There are times when one comes across an album that is perfect in just so many ways that it is hard to quite know what to say about it, or how to describe it so as to give it justice, and that is what I am faced with right now. Siiilk are back with their second album, following on from the highly-rated debut ‘Way To Lhassa’ and I have no issue at all with saying that this is superior. It is a songs-based album, built around the vocals and acoustic guitar of Richard Pick, but what provides the depth is the quality of all the musicians involved and how they all know how to best utilise both space and dynamics.

It is a dreamy, reflective album, bringing together elements of Pink Floyd, Seventies Barclay James Harvest, Camel, Caravan, and so much more. This is music that takes the listener to a place that only exists between the ears, music to get lost in, music to be transported by. There are times when the full band are involved, (and they also bring a couple of guests to add some additional nuances with clarinet and Indian tablas), and it is the arrangements that make all the difference as often there will only be one or two others involved besides Richard, with everyone knowing their place and how their contribution reflects overall. Catherine Pick has a beautiful voice, sometimes taking the lead, but often providing sympathetic backing and the restraint and control demonstrated throughout the album is considerable. This is simply stunning and essential to anyone who enjoys this style of progressive rock. 

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