Alpha Tiger - Alpha Tiger

Kev Rowland, Alpha Tiger - Alpha Tiger

Shortly after the completion of their third album ‘iDENTITY’ in 2015, Alpha Tiger found themselves without a singer, and a new album to promote. An intense search brought Benjamin Jaino to their attention, and he very quickly was out on tour with the band as they toured Europe with Battle Beast, but on a positive note it did mean that he had played more than fifty shows with the band before they came around to write the next album, and everyone knew how his voice would sound with the material. The band feel that it is a new beginning, which is why they have taken the unusual step of self-naming their fourth release, something that normally only happens with the debut.

That the album has a great sound is never in doubt, full and rich, due possibly to the analogue way it was recorded, and they have brought together songs that are rock-oriented and melodic, anthemic and diverse. But, for the most part they are also instantly forgettable. This is not a bad album, in fact there is a lot going for it with strong vocals and guitars, but the songs for the most part just don’t hit the mark. I am sure that in a live environment that many of these will take on a new life, but even after having played it quite a few times I couldn’t remember any of them unless I was listening to it. I am sure that fans of the band will be intrigued, and it could well be of interest to melodic metalheads, but I’ll pass on this one.

MLWZ album na 15-lecie