Antarktis - Ildlaante

Kev Rowland, Antarktis - Ildlaante

Antarktis was co-founded by guitarists Björn Pettersson (In Mourning) and Tobias Netzell (In Mourning, ex-October Tide). Initially a few songs were written, yet laid on ice before they ever saw the light of day. As years passed, the idea of Antarktis was picked up once again, and what first started out as an after work side project, ventured off into a territory uncharted by the duo's mother band, In Mourning. Thanks to vocalist and bassist Daniel Jansson (Ikhon) and drummer Jonas Martinsson (Me The Tiger, Necrosavant), the line-up got completed in 2013, giving Antarktis new life and a personality of its own. The band describe their music as metal/post rock, and I would certainly add black metal into that mix as well.

This is incredibly atmospheric music, sometimes intense with over the top riffing and vocals, but sometimes being led by the bass with additional touches from the others. It is music that takes the listener into a new world, a post-industrial age where there is fear and excitement in equal measures. The music shifts and changes, but more as a river in full spate than a gently meandering stream. More melodic than it may seem at the outset, this is an album that definitely rewards repeated listenings, and is yet another strong release from Agonia. For details on this and other great albums visit

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