Carneiro, Andre - Empty Pages

Kev Rowland, Carneiro, Andre - Empty Pages

One of the things about writing about music for so long is that I am often sent albums to review by artists or labels that I have not previously come across, as well as receiving material from other reviewers who think I may be interested in. Now, to be honest, I have no idea where I got hold of this 2016 album: I have checked my emails, but have no idea at all. I do know that it wasn’t from André himself, as I have been in contact with him to get some more information! He is from Porto, Portugal, and has been busking for the last five years, travelling around Europe trying to promote his music. The songs on the album were written when he was 16 and 17, and was recorded in just four days, live in a garage! He called it ‘Empty Pages’ as this is the beginning of his work, like writing a book, it starts empty and then it fills up with stories of the strange roads he follows while busking. It contains love, hope and dreams because music is magic, and sometimes we make sacrifices, giving up something for something else that you want more.

This is a beautiful album, it really is the only way to describe it, and to think that is was recorded in a garage in just four days is incredible. All the lyrics are in English, and the gently picked acoustic accompaniment is in perfect harmony with his voice, and makes for something that is timeless and very special indeed. The songs are thoughtful, with a reverence, and a delicacy that makes them appears as if they come from a bygone age when music was revered and not just some disposal item. I would much rather listen to music from an artist like André than the manufactured plastic pap that seems to be of favour to so many. Why not visit his Facebook page

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