Quantum Fantay - Terragaia

Kev Rowland, Quantum Fantay - Terragaia

By the time I came across this Belgian band they had already released four studio and two live albums prior to ‘Terragaia’, which came out in 2014. I was a little surprised that they managed to escape my attention for so long as these guys have been heavily influenced by one genre in particular, and one band especially, the mighty Ozric Tentacles. Given just how long the Ozrics have been around, perhaps it is surprising that there aren’t more bands that have decided to create their own version of a sound which is instantly recognisable. They aren’t mere copyists though, and have brought in some more ethnic and folk elements, particularly on songs such as “Azu Kénè Dékè Lepé” which contains some wonderful tribal drumming combining with clear guitar lines.

There is an energy and passion contained within the music, and the listener is soon transported into a magical world where woodwind, keyboards, guitars and drums combine to create something that is very special indeed.

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