Albert, Carol - Fly Away Butterfly

Kev Rowland, Albert, Carol - Fly Away Butterfly

Carol’s latest album is a great example of smooth jazz, as it is polished and refined within an inch of its life, with a very strong late Seventies feeling throughout. Her vocals are clean and gentle, and the music is exactly what one would expect from the genre (although I must make mention of some strong basswork from Sam Sims). As well as singing, Carol also provides keyboards, and I actually enjoyed the instrumentals more than I did the actual songs, as although the emotion has been removed, these at least have more vitality to them Although I know that there are those who enjoy the genre, it can never be anything more than background music for me. But, if this style of music is of interest then I suggest you visit where you can hear some of the material.  

MLWZ album na 15-lecie