Overdose Support - Try Dying

Kev Rowland, Overdose Support - Try Dying

This is the debut full-length release from the mad Finns Overdose Support who liken their sound to a combination of the Dead Kennedys, Drive Like Jehu, early Unsane, Cows, and The Jesus Lizard, and the crossover/punk experimentation of modern acts like Child Bite. I would also add PiL and Pistols to the mix, but I’m not sure that an eight-track release that is only twenty-six minutes long should really be called an album. This is chaotic, and must have been recorded live in the studio as I can’t imagine any producer letting this get through if it had been tracked appropriately. But, while I can overlook the anarchy that was taking place, as that is what this band is all about, I can’t get past the incredibly weak sound. They may be inspired by others who released some material that was aimed for cassettes and had quality to match, but there is just no excuse for it in 2017. I can’t imagine that they sound like this at gigs and there would have to be a major shift for me to recommend this.


MLWZ album na 15-lecie