Voodoma - Gotland

Kev Rowland, Voodoma - Gotland

Voodoma are a Dark Rock band with Gothic and Metal influences from Düsseldorf, Germany. To date, the band has released two regular albums as well as some self-produced records. In addition, the group also has played numerous gigs, including major festivals such as "Wacken Open Air", "Ragnaröck Festival" and "Castle Rock". This release is three years after their last, ‘Secret Circle’, and yet again they have invited some guests to get involved including Maike Flüshöh (Mayze), Ollie Bölke (Seelensturm), and Bernemann from Sodom.

Although they do use more keyboards and synths, their sound and approach will be instantly recognisable to fans of the mighty and much-missed Type O Negative. They are not direct copyists, but they have obviously been influenced to a very high degree, with powering rhythm section and crunching riffs combining with the keyboards and a wonderful baritone/bass vocal from Michael Thionville. The vocals are kept very much at the forefront of the mix, yet the guitars are always just there ready to take control if they can. Overall this a very interesting album that will be enjoyed by fans of Type O and Rammstein alike. 

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