Alazka - Phoenix

Kev Rowland, Alazka - Phoenix

Formed in 2012, the band feel they found their identity in 2016 when Kassim Auale joined on clean vocals alongside Tobias Rische. Yes, what we have here is a dual-singer rough/smooth approach. This is their debut album, and I found myself wondering how they would sound if they just had Kassim. True, there are times when the rough vocals have their place, normally when the band is powering through at full pelt, but these guys are far more melodic and tuneful than many of those who use the dual vocal attack. There are definitely times when Tobias is a distraction, and the albums doesn’t always have the impact it could have. The guitars are often being picked with individual notes being played from the chord sequence, as opposed to being riffed to the max, and it is here where I found myself thinking that the band could do with a change. They also nearly always start with the rough vocals in a place where they just don’t fit.

It will be interesting to see how this band fares, as even with my concerns this is still an album full of promise that all those into melodic post hardcore should certainly pay attention to.

MLWZ album na 15-lecie