Fright, The - Canto V

Kev Rowland, Fright, The - Canto V

The Fright are back with their fifth album, and yet again they wear their influences on their sleeves, from the likes of Gothic Rock legends like Bauhaus, The Cult, The Mission, Sisters Of Mercy or 69 Eyes (who The Fright toured with in 2013) to traditional hard rock à la Whitesnake, Mötley Crüe, Guns N` Roses or Skid Row. “I love Sebastian Bach!” confesses singer Lon Fright, who founded the group back in 2002. This is gothic metal with great vocals and plenty of hooks, and certainly meets their goal of producing catching songs that people can sing along to.

They manage to stay just on the right side of parody, although there is the odd time when they are reminiscent of Billy Idol, which probably isn’t the look and sound they are going for. Many of the songs could end up on mainstream radio if they’re not too careful, and the whole album is incredibly easy to listen to the very first time it is played. It is inviting, and even though the lyrics are socially and politically critical, it is something that gets into the mind and stays there. They have taken their influences and have turned them into something far more melodic and straightforward than one might expect from a band influenced by Bauhaus. All of the songs are in English apart from the very last track, ´In Sicherheit`, which is a cover of Stuttgart punk legend Fliehende Stürme. Solid stuff indeed.

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