In-Defilade - Elude

Kev Rowland, In-Defilade - Elude

In-Defilade was formed by Jon Vesano, who had previously been in the mighty Nile, Demonic Christ and Darkmoon. On the debut he was joined by Vesperian Sorrow’s Subverseraph and guitarist Shawn Lee Bozarth (Defiance and Ulysses Siren), but before work started on this the second album Bozarth departed. Vesano and Subverseraph brought in drummer Erik Schultek (ex-Narcotic Wasteland) and used a guest to provide the guitar solos, Dallas Toler-Wade (ex-Nile, Narcotic Wasteland). With a history such as this, everyone knows what is in store when they put it in the player, and they won’t be disappointed.

Nile are one of the most important bands to come out of the death metal genre, bringing a technical brilliance that is rarely surpassed, and In-Defilade have carried out in a very similar vein. It is brutal, it is hard, it is fast, the drums power everything along, and rising above it all is the deep rumble of Vesano’s vocals. Toler-Wade’s solos are superb in that they provide a lightness that takes away from the sheer brutality of the maelstrom, and let’s hope he goes on the road with the guys as he is a key part of the overall sound. This is for fans of Morbid Angel, Nile, Hate Eternal, Marduk and those who love their metal extreme and at the max. Death Metal rarely gets more powerful than this.      

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