Curtis, Jason Paul - These Christmas Days

Kev Rowland, Curtis, Jason Paul - These Christmas Days

It’s not often I am sent a Swing album, and can honestly say that it is the first time I have even come across a Christmas Swing album, but here is the latest from Jason Paul Curtis who is obviously a huge fan of Sinatra. Unusually for a Christmas album, only two of the ten are covers, with the rest all being originals. On half of the album he is accompanied by Swinglab, and on the other half he is accompanied by the Basie-style big band of Swing Shift. I like jazz, in virtually all its forms, but have never managed to get a handle on Swing, so feel totally unqualified to review this. It is pleasant, but nothing more than that, and I doubt that it will ever darken my player again, but is that more to do with my lack of appreciation of the genre or the quality of the CD itself? I just don’t know, but if you are intrigued, visit

MLWZ album na 15-lecie