Drifting Sun - Eternal Cycle

Kev Rowland, Drifting Sun - Eternal Cycle

The band have made this two-track EP available free of charge from their website, so that progheads can see what the band sound like in 2017. The title song isn’t available elsewhere, while the second, ‘Soldiers” is taken from the latest album. This is a great way to find out about a band that will certainly not be on many people’s radar, and yet with the string arrangements and vocals, they would be if people just heard them, so this a great idea. I have known about them for more than 20 years now, and am just annoyed that I have been missing put on them for the last few years, but now I know they are back I am going to be watching for future releases with interest. If you enjoy strong thoughtful crossover progressive rock with strong influenced from recent Marillion (except more enjoyable to my ears) why not visit their website, go to the Music tab and download this yourself.


MLWZ album na 15-lecie