Sxuperion - Myriad EP

Kev Rowland, Sxuperion - Myriad EP

Sxuperion is the solo project of Valdur, Weverin, and Endless Blizzard drummer Matthew S, and this EP follows the musical and instrumental path laid by the 2016-issued ‘Cosmic Void’ offering, with a view of a world being governed by human insecurities through the eyes of a space traveler. When the chariot is full, it is time beyond the Cosmic Corridors. The EP is swathed in atmosphere and perhaps not surprisingly the drums play a key role in keeping it all together. This is dark atmospheric blackened death metal, but it does come across as a project as opposed to a band as there isn’t enough vitality and musical diversity to really make this stand out from many other projects of a similar approach. I enjoyed playing while it was on, but as to whether I felt intrigued enough to go back to it again is another matter altogether.  

MLWZ album na 15-lecie