B.o.s.c.h. - Fleischwolf

Kev Rowland, B.o.s.c.h. - Fleischwolf

While the Black Forest clocks up the most hours of sunshine and people enjoy champagne outside all year round in the Lake Constance area, life in Wilhelmshaven takes place under much harsher climate conditions. b.o.s.c.h. state that they have definitely been affected by this, and mix together industrial, metal, punk, rock, hardcore, thrash and electronic elements. ‘Fleischwolf’ is their third full-length album, which means ‘Meat Grinder’ in English, and one certainly feels like one has been through one by the end of the album. Singer Max Klee has been inspired by Max Cavalera, while guitarist Christian Heil brings together the metal elements, which at times can be quite at odds at what is happening from the rhythm section of drummer /programmer Lutz Möller and bassist Axel Mintken.

This may all sound well and good, but I found the electronic noodlings and the Teutonic heavy beat all rather wearing by the end, and felt that this was an album I endured rather than enjoyed. That they try experimenting with different elements and textures is never in doubt, and they are obviously very good at what they do, but sometimes bringing in too many different styles is off putting as opposed to inviting. Bring me a good aged steak that has been cooked to perfection then it doesn’t need much else with it and I will be satisfied, but put too many sauces and spices into it then it detracts instead of enhances. All the lyrics are in German, which definitely works with what they are producing, but this just isn’t for me at all.

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