Eigensinn - Persona Non Grata

Kev Rowland, Eigensinn - Persona Non Grata

This is the third release from German band Eigensinn, and is another album that has been heavily influenced by the Industrial sound that seems to be so important in that country at present. Like many of the bands within that genre, the vast majority of lyrics are in German, although they also do perform a couple in English. One thing that does make them stand out is that they have a female singer in Nemesis, who is able to sing gently when she wants to (which isn’t often to be fair) as well as the more normal aggression. This is a bleak album, hard-hitting yet also quite depressing in its rawness. Apparently, it was written in a lonely farmhouse in Saxony during a snowy January, and that isolation and emptiness has made it into the music. I must confess to not being a particular fan of this style of music, and it was hard work to get through the album a few times, but that may not be the case for fans of Rammstein and the like. The artwork perfectly conveys what is inside, so make your own call.


MLWZ album na 15-lecie