Stanley, Lyn - The Moonlight Sessions Volume Two

Kev Rowland, Stanley, Lyn - The Moonlight Sessions Volume Two

Earlier this year I reviewed ‘Volume One’, and now Lyn is back with ‘Volume Two’ which is a direct continuation of the earlier release. This is all about taking fourteen well-known numbers and turning them into something quite special, with her vocals at the heart and soul of every note. But, it isn’t just her sultry voice that makes this a special album, but the arrangements, which have been given loving care – and to achieve that she used no less than six different arrangers to create the perfect album. I love the harmonica (care of Bob McChesney) on “The Summer Knows”, while the slowed down piano take on “Over The Rainbow” is quite inspired. My favourite version has always been by Eva Cassidy, although Tiki Taane is a very close second (and if you haven’t heard then you need to search for it), and although Lyn’s version is quite to the same standard that is just down to personal taste. There is no doubt that the slower take suits her style perfectly.

Overall, this is a wonderfully mellow album, evocative of a time gone by, when it was about the quality of the vocals and the songs. True music, of very high quality, and if you enjoy sultry slow jazz standards then this is essential.

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